Raster To Vector Conversion Vector Conversion
The bitmap pictures get pixilated when the picture is zoomed or modified into greater solutions or dimensions. Vector images are separate of any resolution. Vector pictures can maintain their unique type even when zoomed or modified to greater resolution. Therefore, vector pictures can be used for any press. Vector pictures are often known as Print-Ready pictures, as they can be printed for any press.
Graphic Designing
Vector Buddy provide complete Graphic design solution including: Logo Design, Banner Design, Boucher Design, Explainer Videos and PPT Presentation. Our Graphic design team is adapted in technical skills like most other good Graphic design firms.
Image Editing Image Editing
Image Editing Services include Digital Photo Restoration, Photo Editing and Photo Retouching, Coloring of old photos, restoring faded color photos, Image processing services, Image cutouts, Removing background, Clipping path, Masking, Adding shadows and relections.